Friday, June 22, 2012

Friday Confessional

Linking up with A Blonde Ambition for Friday Confessional!

  1. I am hating all things electronic right now. My internet on my computer is going incredibly slow, my e-mail isn't working, my Kindle broke (after 1.5 years of having it and only using it during the summers), my phone won't send's like I'm in a black hole aka 1990
  2. But really, these were awesome
  3. I was crazy busy at work this morning and felt like the proverbial chicken with my head cut off...but I loved it! I went from 0 clients to 4. Next week is going to be awesome/crazy/awesome. Also, I had to sign a client letter that one of our secretaries printed out for me and she made my signature: Katie McCracken, Attorney at Law
  4. ohmygodsoexcited                                               
    And even though I told her that "I'm just a law student with a temporary bar card" she did not change it. It's so much fun pretending to be a lawyer haha.
  5. I am really loving working at Legal Aid...and not just because they put my signature "Katie  McCracken, Attorney at Law."
  6. I think I have a problem buying nail polish. I just love it. My current color: 
  7. Don't Mess With OPI, part of their Texas line obvi                                           
  8. And my last, biggest confession, I am just now being able to recite all of the current United States Supreme Court Justices by name and political affiliation. I know, I KNOW, I'm in law school...I read their opinions many times a day for nine months of the year...blah blah blah. Anyways I see your point (and by "your" I'm mainly referring to one particular person). So, without further ado, ladies and gentleman, I present to you the nine current Supreme Court Justices by name and political affiliation. I pinky swear I am not looking them up as I type:   
    From left to right: Thomas, conservative; Sotomayor, liberal; Scalia, conservative; Breyer, liberal
    Roberts, conservative; Alito, conservative; Kennedy, swing vote; Kagan, liberal; Ginsburg, liberal                         
So there you have it. Hope everyone had a great week and has a fabulous weekend!

<3 Kt

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Let's Review: The Last Two Months

Whoa. Have I been a bad blogger. Here are the highlights from the last two months to get us updated and hopefully, now I will be a less-absentee blogger.

  • Second year of law school is OvEr!!! Whoever said that second year is easier was wrong. and dumb. and their pants should be on fire... actually all of their pairs of pants should be burnt. Anyways, I think the best way to describe the past two years of law school is: First year, they scare you to death. Second year, they work you to death. Regardless, I have been scared to death, worked to death, and now I'm looking forward to be "bored to death" as a 3L!!
  • I made my first A in law school! YAY! 
  • I began my externship with Legal Aid of NorthWest Texas in Lbk. My first day was this past Tuesday and I will be working there all summer. I am excited because Supervisor assigned me my own case.  I will be working with Client from the beginning of the case to the end of the case. I will be interviewing Client, writing Client's will, and composing Client's advance directive and durable power of attorney. Since I have decided I want to focus on estate planning, wills and trusts, and elder law, I am extremely excited for this learning opportunity and I am also scared to death because I have no idea what I am doing haha. 
  • Zach and I went on the most vacay ever. We, along with several other families including Zach's Dad and his Step-Mom island hopped through the Abaco Islands in the Bahamas for about 10 days. Here are some high/interesting points from the trip
    • We were able to visit several locations, many of which were only accessible by boat.
      • Great Guana Cay
      • Treasure Cay (top 10 most beautiful beach)
      • Hope Town
      • Marsh Harbour
      • Baker's Bay
      • Great Turtle Cay
      • Little Abaco
      • Elbow Cay
      • New Plymouth
    • *interesting notes:
      • "Cay" is pronounced "key"
      • Bahamans drive on the left side of the road 
    • We were on a Moorings 4600 Catamaran which was phenomenal. It had 4 bedrooms and 4 baths, indoor living and outdoor living, and (my favorite part) a trampoline-mesh area at the front where you could lay out over the water, read your book, and get a tan
    Our Cat with the sails up
    The mesh-trampoline thing is at the front
    Our actual Cat, the Nauti-Buoy with our two captains, Zach and his dad Dennis
    • We got to do some amazing scuba-diving
Where we saw a stingray!
30 ft. of water + disposable camera= terrible shot. But you get the idea. 

And some starfishies

Always have a snorkel-buddy :)

    • One interesting point in the trip....At this bar I was attacked by Noseeums also called Sand Fleas. I will not post pictures but I had bites from my toes to my forehead. Zach and I counted and I had 135... on one leg.
    • We got to see some amazing sunsets
    • Sunset a Baker's Bay

      Sunset at Great Guana Cay
    • And I was able to share it all with some pretty amazing people
    • Nauti-Buoy Crew
      From Left: Bill and Judy, Dennis and Ana, Zach and Me, Angie and Bob

Ana and Dennis and Zach and Me
Beautiful sunset. Amazing man. Wonderful vacation. I am such a lucky girl.

    • Please visit The Mooring's website. There are 27 great locations all over the world where you can rent your own sail boat or powered boat.

Sadly, besides finals, work and the vacay, not much else has gone on since the last post. It has been an amazing start to Summer 2012 so far and I'm looking forward to what else it has in store. Until next time!

<3 K