Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Not Exactly the Type of Advice I Was Looking For...

As I'm beginning the job search, I'm talking to lawyers and trying to get helpful advice about how to enter the profession, what advice do you have about becoming an estate planning/probate lawyer etc. I feel like for the most part, these chats have been very informative and a great way to meet people. 

Until last night, that is.

I met a very nice lawyer who practices in some of the areas of law I'm interested in. This is about how our conversation went:

Lawyer: So what year are you?
Me: I'm a 3L at Texas Tech. I'm so excited to almost be done blah blah blah and I want to practice estate planning and probate law
Lawyer: Oh I do some estate planning and probate
Me: Oh really? Can you give me any advice about entering the field or what you believe every attorney practicing that area should know?
Lawyer: Quit law school now and go to med school. Seriously, you will make more money and in some instances have better hours...

Seriously? Oh thanks, let me just go ahead and drop out! That's such a great idea! Even though I've made it to my last year and have a buttload of debt, let me go ahead and go to med school where I'll be in school until I'm 35, quadruple the debt I've already accumulated, and want to faint on a daily basis because I can't deal with blood.

Obviously I didn't say that. But I wanted to.

Anyways, after that little nugget of wisdom, he actually proceeded to give me some really good advice (only inserting med school every once in awhile). There are moments in life when I think to myself "if I'm ever in the situation to give advice, hire someone, fire someone, etc., I will never do/say etc. what that person did/said etc. to me... especially a 3L who is so excited about almost being done with law school and entering in to a profession that she has wanted to be in since middle school. I definitely don't want to hear that law school is "as good as it gets." Woof. 

Anyways, thought I'd share my little experience so that when you're in this situation, years from now, you know what not to do.

Have a great Hump Day loves

<3 K

Monday, October 22, 2012

Wreck 'Em Texas Tech!

I love everything about Texas Tech. I bleed red & black. I know some of you don't understand this, just like I don't understand the cult  tradition-rich culture that is A&M or why people would voluntarily wear burnt orange, but what I do understand is school-spirit and y'all, nothing makes me more school-spirited than football.

If you lived next door to me on Saturday afternoon, you probably thought Zach was murdering me in the house from all the screaming and cursing I was doing during the TTU v. TCU football game. If you don't know what I'm talking about, then you need to watch college football a little more but I'll do you a solid and provide a quick recap:

Tech won. BOOYA!!

:) Ok but seriously it was awesome. The game went to triple-OT at which point TCU was only able to score a field goal while Doege completed a touchdown pass to Alex Torres FTW. I was screaming so loud and clapping so hard I felt light-headed and my hands are still a little sore.

What's even more exciting is that Texas Tech is ranked No. 14 in the BCS standings, No 15 in AP and No. 17 in a USA Today Poll. I'm loving every minute of it because as we all know, rankings are like fashion, "one day you're in, and the day day you're out."

Heidi you are so fabulous

Anyways, I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and a nice start to your week. Oh, and one more thing that is so tacky but I cannot help myself...

Welcome to the Big XII TCU <3
peace 'n blessins

Thursday, October 18, 2012

It's OK Thursday

Linking up with Lynn over at Illegally Blonde and Amber at Brunch with Amber for "It's OK" Thursdays. Enjoy lovies!

It's OK...

To wish that Jo Ellen Jarrell and Judge Elliott Smith III of Abilene, Texas both eventually enter the seventh-circle of Hell after Jarrell abused her 81-year-old patient by stuffing paper towels in his mouth to keep him from talking while hitting him in the face and twisting his nose and ears, and Smith charged an elderly woman $11,400 for lawn services, only costing approximately $175. There are few things in this world that completely enrage me, including but not limited to elder abuse and animal abuse.

That I'm also extremely upset that Abilene's Planned Parenthood location is shutting down due to lack of funding and that people are happy for it. According to statistics from 2010, 97% of Planned Parenthood's activites are not abortion-related and by advocating against Planned Parenthood, it is also advocating against men and women recieving health-care services and health and sex education.

That I was late to work because I absolutely needed a Pumpkin Spice Latte.

That I am so excited to go wedding dress shopping for my bride-to-be friend tonight.

That I want to just stay home in my jams and watch Disney movies, SYTTD, and Ghost Adventures with the Wiener and the Bogie.

To enjoy and appreciate the presidential debates but wish they did not cancel The New Girl and The Mindy Project.

That I look at cars completely out of my price range.

To still be completely head-over-heels in love with my boyfriend and tell people about it (you're allowed to post adorable pictures of your wedding/baby/etc, therefore, I am allowed to post about how much I love the man of my dreams)

What's OK with you this week? Link up lovies and have a wonderful day!