Saturday, June 22, 2013

Exciting Times & New Chapters

So no, I didn't forget I had a blog. It has been cray cray around here lately and while I would have loved to "officially" record my memories via my blog, I took the time to just enjoy every moment of the past month. I have many pictures and many wonderful memories that will last a lifetime.

However, I do want to briefly recap and get us caught up to where we are and share with everyone some very exciting news!

So, apparently I graduated law school.

With my love who also graduated

With my law school family

With my sweet family who sat through a 3 hour graduation just for me <3
There are so many more people than those in these pictures who helped me get to where I am, and continue to love and support me every day. I love you all and am so very blessed.

Along with graduation, I began bar prep. 
Or just don't make sense...
Anyways- the fun part about being in Barbri is nothing. However, we do like to play a game where we try to decide what celebrity the day's Barbri lecturer looks like. So far, we have Stephen Colbert, the boss from Office Space, Paul Harvey (voice not looks), and that main guy from He's Just Not That Into You Justin Long. Anyways, so that's "fun." Regardless, I'm glad I'm in the same boat with all my friends and boyfriend so that we can complain to each other and try to have mercy on the outsiders haha. 

And lastly, Z & I officially know where we will be moving and officially have jobs...

We are both so excited for this next chapter in our lives. There was a hot second where we weren't sure if we were going to end up in the same town or have to do long distance for awhile. Long distance was always something we knew was a possibility but hoped we wouldn't have to experience again. However, we are both very happy and blessed that the stars aligned and that we both found jobs we're excited for in the same awesome city. We are looking forward to the food, concerts, activities, and "big city" life that Austin has to offer and we are excited that we get to experience it with each other and with some of our closest friends. Official start dates are Sept. 16 and for now, we are slowing beginning the process of hunting for a place to live. We would love any and all advice about the Austin life, where to live, what to do etc.

Before I sign off, I would also like to ask that you keep in your thoughts and prayers South Fork, Fun Valley, Wolf Creek, Creede, Del Norte, and the many other cities in Colorado that are being affected by some very devastating wildfires. I grew up spending my summers in Fun Valley with my family and friends. My home away from home is being threatened by a dangerous wildfire and because of the dry weather and heat, it's hard for the firefighters to get things under control. They're doing everything they can, but it definitely wouldn't hurt to say a little prayer. Please pray for the firefighters' safety and for some relief to help them contain this devastating fire.