Friday, August 24, 2012

What...a Whirlwind

So things have been crazy around here the past couple of weeks and, believe it or not, all good crazy. So here is a mashup of all of life's little highlights.

  • I went on an awesome vacation with one of my best friends and got to see many beautiful of this state that I had never seen before and do many things that I had never done before like. For example:
    • Austin, South Congress, 6th Street, Uchi 

    • Port O'Connor, Texas (sorry no pictures of me in a swimsuit) but it was awesome. There were dolphins y'all.
    • Picosa Ranch (about 45min from San Antonio). Described as "the ultimate solution for a remote getaway" and "a true luxury experience"and man, it did not disappoint. The staff, accommodations, food, experience was so phenomenal. The best I can describe it is a vacation where you can plan your own vacation. You could hunt, shoot guns, go on a safari to see all of the animals on their 3,000-acre property, fish, ride horses, swim, drink, eat, drink, eat, swim, drink and eat. But seriously :) It was awesome and I would suggest anyone and everyone to make it a point to go. But while we were there, I did a few things I had never done before...such as
    • go on a safari

      shoot a 20-gauge Baretta Shotgun at some Skeet

      Shoot a 9mm 

      AK-47 bullets

      Shoot an AK-47

      Shoot an AR-15

      And see some meese elk

      As Kalin said, I went from "no guns, to all the guns." It was so. awesome. 

  • So after getting back from vacation, we all hit the ground running as our 3L (read "last year of law school HOLLA!") year began. Thank the Lord, Joseph, Mary and baby Jesus. I look at the first-year students and just feel terrible for them/really thankful that's not me haha. I know 3L year will have it's own problems (finding a job, taking the bar etc) but it's such a fun, new exciting chapter that we are all starting and I'm looking forward to it!!
  • On the topic of school, I finally got my class ring in!!!! 6 years in the making people.
  • I would've posted a picture of it on my hand but my fingers are extremely un-photoenic.
  • I got my second A of law school. I know, I know, bragging about grades but seriously, an A in law school (for me) is like finding a four-leaf clover on top of a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow while a leprechaun rides a unicorn around. So I feel like when this rare occasion/scene happens, I like to share it :)
  • Lastly, I got to be a real lawyer today. As part of my job with Legal Aid of NorthWest Texas, I had a client who wanted to change her last name. Today, I represented her (by myself) in court and petitioned the Court (by myself) to change her last name, which he did! She walked out with a new last name, and I walked out having won my first case :) It's a good day y'all.

Sorry I know that was a lot but a lot has been going on. If you're heading back to school/already started, hope your year has started off lovely. 

Have a great Friday loves. 

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  1. Looks like a fun trip! :)
    And what an accomplishment to be in your final year of law school! Way to go! Hope it goes well and that you're able to find a job easily!