Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Three Ways a Driver's License Can Make You Feel Old

So I got my new driver's license in the mail the other day. Most of the time people just focus on whether or not they look good in their picture and pray they look decent enough so they can just renew their license online and not have to go back to the DMV...ever....again...

Anyways, there are three things I noticed about my DL when I got it in, none of which were my photo (not saying my photo is the most spectacular thing in the world...but it'll do). And these three things further reinforced that yes, I am officially in my mid-twenties and the age train isn't slowing down any time soon. they are...the three things on my DL that made me feel old

Please excuse my photo and my nails
1. The Yellow Arrow-- this is my first sideways driver's license. Meaning that yes, I'm old enough to have a sideways driver's license.

2. The Blue Arrow-- so, this expiration date seemed pretty inconspicuous originally. But then I somehow managed to do the math (feat in and of itself) and realized how old I will be when this thing expires.....THIRTY. 3-0. I will be thirty years old. Woof.

3. The Pink Arrow-- Why, yes, that is a restriction on my driver's license. Basically, it means that not only am I old, but I'm also "blind" according to the I-am-the-DMV-lady-I-know-all-and-therefore-I-know-you-are-blind. But really, I'm not that blind. And it's only my left eye. Distance is just a smidge blurry. Anyways, when I went to the DMV to renew my license, I had to take the vision test. I didn't have a problem reading 98% of line 5, except for the left side where I probably missed 2/3 out of 15 letters. Anyways, apparently I'm blind now because I missed two to three letters out of 15 total letters on line five with one eye and the letters were smaller than this. I mean...come on. Those letters were probably a size .5 font. On the highway, those letter are like THIS BIG. And, when I'm driving, I'm not typically driving with one eye shut (most of the time). Anyways, I digress. I'm not blind. I do not need glasses to drive. Even though my license and that lady claim I am blind, and I do need glasses. And by the way, I have only needed glasses since I started law school. I used to have perfect vision....when I was younger...

So. There you have it. The three ways my DL makes me feel older than Methuselah (a saying my Meemaw always says and I feel is fairly appropriate). Yes yes yes, I know I'm not that old. Just 24. Whatever. I have a sideways DL, I'm practically 30, and I'm "blind."


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