Friday, April 20, 2012

Friday Confessional

Today, I'm linking up with Leslie over at A Blonde Ambition for my Friday Confessional.

As Leslie said, "here are my very deep and complex thoughts for the week."

  • Today is my last day of work at The Firm and I'm really kind of sad about it. I admit, working in a law firm doing research on legal issues doesn't sound like much fun to a lot of people, but I have really loved it. It has been such a great learning experience. I'm so thankful for my lawyers who have been so amazing and helpful and patient with me. They have taught me more about the law in the month I've been here than many professors in the 6 months I have them for a class.
  • Yesterday I got to meet with a client. I had been researching her issue for the past few weeks and my lawyer let me sit in on the meeting with her and actually get to talk to her about the things I'd found regarding her issue. It. Was. AWESOME! My first client meeting. Oh the little things :)
  • To keep with the subject of law, I really have no idea what I want to do post-grad. It's changed so many times. Sometimes I'm envious of those people who have known from the beginning (Mr. G--the boyfriend). I've gone from Sports Law to Commercial Law, to Copyright Law, and now I'm kind of in the estate planning/wills and trust area (which, granted I've always kind of been interested in) but I think I've decided on civil law and not criminal. The Firm has really helped decide that
  • I miss being tan
  • I'm looking forward to summer and having lazy Sunday nights with nothing to do
  • I don't understand the point of the iPad
  • I would give my pinky toe for some Luby's Fried Fish, Mac & Cheese, and Fruit Salad. I mean, really, what does the pinky toe really do in the big scheme of things
  • I have five finals. They are 2.5 weeks away. I just realized this.
So now that I've realized how close finals are and how little studying I have accomplished, I am off to go be academically-productive. Hope you all  had a great weekend and a F-A-B-Fabulous weekend!!



  1. first good luck with your finals!
    and I too miss being tan- -I have cheated and used the tanning bed this last month-- I can't stand being pasty! and the ipad is so amazing!! I use mine more than my computer!

  2. Thanks Ashley! I think I'm about to start tanning maybe once/twice a week. It's a nice de-stressing moment. I know it's bad but I just feel like being tan hides the jiggle better!!

    And interesting about the iPad. I've heard it can be a nice supplement/replacement for lugging around a big computer all the time. May be investing in one for my next big purchase :)

  3. You WISH they were 25 weeks away! Freudian slip :P

    1. I DO wish they were 25 weeks away and now that I look at it it DOES look like I put 25. I guess it's hard to tell with the font I use that I put a . there :)