Friday, June 22, 2012

Friday Confessional

Linking up with A Blonde Ambition for Friday Confessional!

  1. I am hating all things electronic right now. My internet on my computer is going incredibly slow, my e-mail isn't working, my Kindle broke (after 1.5 years of having it and only using it during the summers), my phone won't send's like I'm in a black hole aka 1990
  2. But really, these were awesome
  3. I was crazy busy at work this morning and felt like the proverbial chicken with my head cut off...but I loved it! I went from 0 clients to 4. Next week is going to be awesome/crazy/awesome. Also, I had to sign a client letter that one of our secretaries printed out for me and she made my signature: Katie McCracken, Attorney at Law
  4. ohmygodsoexcited                                               
    And even though I told her that "I'm just a law student with a temporary bar card" she did not change it. It's so much fun pretending to be a lawyer haha.
  5. I am really loving working at Legal Aid...and not just because they put my signature "Katie  McCracken, Attorney at Law."
  6. I think I have a problem buying nail polish. I just love it. My current color: 
  7. Don't Mess With OPI, part of their Texas line obvi                                           
  8. And my last, biggest confession, I am just now being able to recite all of the current United States Supreme Court Justices by name and political affiliation. I know, I KNOW, I'm in law school...I read their opinions many times a day for nine months of the year...blah blah blah. Anyways I see your point (and by "your" I'm mainly referring to one particular person). So, without further ado, ladies and gentleman, I present to you the nine current Supreme Court Justices by name and political affiliation. I pinky swear I am not looking them up as I type:   
    From left to right: Thomas, conservative; Sotomayor, liberal; Scalia, conservative; Breyer, liberal
    Roberts, conservative; Alito, conservative; Kennedy, swing vote; Kagan, liberal; Ginsburg, liberal                         
So there you have it. Hope everyone had a great week and has a fabulous weekend!

<3 Kt

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