Friday, February 3, 2012


Oh hi there. Welcome to my blog. I think the hardest part of starting a blog (besides picking a blog name) is to decide what to write about in your first post. Therefore, I wanted to link up with A Blonde Ambition and Our Happily Ever After... and do a "Friday Confessional" to get this party started.

1. I am terrified of blogging. I'm afraid that just my sweet boyfriend, and wonderful parents will read this. Not that there's anything wrong with that :)

2. It took me about 3 hours to think of a blog name.

3. I really don't have anything that exciting going on. I know a lot of people start blogs when they get a new job, get engaged, are having a baby, can cook really well, or are very creative/fashionable. I am in law school, I don't have a "big girl" job (or any job for that matter), I'm not married or engaged (but I do have a hot, awesome boyfriend), my children are my wiener dog Otto and my white cat Bogie (best children ever), I can't really cook except in a crock pot, I wear jeans and tshirts most days, and as easy as those crafts look on Pinterest, I still can't modge podge really anything that well.

4. I am procrastinating reading for school.

5. I can't spell. Seriously. So if I misspell something on this thing, please don't judge too much. Yes, there's spell check, but sometimes it misses all of my spelling mistakes (I honestly feel bad for it. It has to be exhausted). But it's the thought that counts, not my inability to spell.

6. I'm also have terrible grammar. (I just misspelled "grammar" by the way)

7. I'm addicted to TheBloggess, reality TV (actually, just TV in general), Facebook, Pinterest, buying nail polish, buying makeup, Sushi, Firehouse subs, McAllister's, and anything sweet (which is unfortunate because I'm trying to lose weight, like always)

8. I really hate already wet towels and already wet showers. Please see the rant on damp towels here Damp Towel from New Girl

9. While I hate already wet towels, I love the New Girl.

10. I named this blog "What's Crackalacken" because my last name is McCracken. And without fail, almost every time I tell someone my last name, they say "OH what's Crackalackin?!" Or "what's cracken McCracken" And I absolutely love it. So thank you everyone for the inspiration. And also to Tanner and Lynn for all of the blog advice and help. Please check out their amazing blogs here: Tanner's Bananers and Illegally Blonde

So there you go, 10 confessions. I really am excited to start this blogging thing. Welcome to "What's Crackalacken." <3


  1. Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging!! :) Such a great community of people!! Stopping by to say hello from Leslie's link party. :)

  2. I've had my blog for over 6 months now and have yet to tell anyone in my family!!! I kinda feel guilty sometimes haha! Welcome to the blogging world! It's a lot of fun!

  3. So excited you started it! You will be amaez about how much you have to write about.