Sunday, February 5, 2012

Peaks, Valleys, and What's Crackalacken in the Upcoming Week

So on Sundays, I thought it might be good to recognize the peaks and valleys from the past week, as well as What's Crackalacken for the upcoming week.

Peaks and Valleys for the week of January 29-Feb. 5 2012

Peaks (I think it's good to recognize the blessings and happy moments first)

  • The love of my parents, friends, and boyfriend (listed in no particular order) <3
  • Getting a call-back from a potential employer
  • Losing a few lbs 
  • Getting a wonderful response about my new blog (ThAnKs EvErYoNe!)
  • My high school mock trial team that I coach winning best advocate awards and best witness awards (proud mama)
  • Not getting behind with reading for school
  • U.S. set goal to find Alzheimer's treatment by 2025!
  • Date night with Zach
  • One of my best guy friends getting EnGaGeD last night!! Congratulations Evan and Amber!!
  • This dog So adorbs! And this commercial More dogs... 
  • Waking up late on Monday morning, finding one of my animals peed on my bathroom rug, vomited on my living room rug, and pooped in my bathtub. The Trifecta.
  • E-mailing an employer who I had been in contact with/courting for almost a year about an internship this summer, only to get a two sentence response telling me they had chosen to go through SMU Law and "best wishes"...
  • Getting turned down by another potential employer for the summer 
  • Being reminded that the Cowboys and Saints aren't in the Super Bowl
My "valley's" aren't even that bad really in the large scheme of things. The poop in the bathtub thing was kind of hilarious. The two rejections in one week was kind of a bummer. My Dad always says, you just have to take the bull by the horns and apply for the jobs you want. You're closer to a yes if you apply than if you don't. And Zach always has had this kind of theory that if you ask 10 people, at least one person usually says yes. So I'm well on my way to that number :) and besides, someone has to say "yes" eventually. All the "no's" just make those "yes's" that much better.  

So- now What's Crackalacken next week Feb. 6-Feb 12

Monday: Family Night with Kalin, Cara, and Kasi

Tuesday: Happy Birthday Otto Frank!!! 
It's my 2 year birthday!!

Taking Otto to get a mani pedi No one is too excited about this. The last time Otto got a mani/pedi he bit the nurse, I had to muzzle him, and he pooped on my shirt.
Not. Excited.
Going to get a mani/pedi for myself (which I, on the other hand, love) 

And that's about it. It's so nice when you have a week with not much else to do besides school and homework.

I hope that everyone has a fabulous, wonderful week in which you all have many more peaks than valleys.



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    1. Thanks Taylor, you too!! And again, thank you for the shout on your blog!!

  2. Happy birthday Otto! Love, Jordan & Brownie :)

    1. Otto says thank you and tell the Brown One he said hi!! We are both looking forward to your first blog post soon :)